Nova Scotia

Thought I'd post some more on my Nova Scotia trip - got back on Thursday afternoon.
Overall, the trip was good for work, but disappointing otherwise!
Even if I'd brought my camera there was NOTHING to take a picture of! Honestly.
From what I researched online, Nova Scotia is an incredible place with amazing scenery and history. I'm sure Halifax Harbour is a gorgeous place, and the fog rolled back for about 3 hrs of sunshine on Wednesday afternoon to confirm it, but then the fog came back.
It sounds like there is constant fog and drizzle (anyone ever been to London? Supposed to be similar.), and even in the summer time, the fog just hovers right off shore. It was almost depressing -- even more so knowing that I'm in this awesome place and can only go to meetings from morning 'til night.

Hmmm. So, it was great to go and get a stamp in my passport, but for what I saw and did, I could've been in my offices in Houston and skipped the 12 hrs of travel each way! :)

Nova Scotia will go on my list for a future vacation.